Join us for a game!

We would love you to join us for a game while you are on holiday.

If you wish to join us for the season, our annual membership fee is £40.00.  We also pay £2.00 green fees each time we play.

Visitors can buy temporary membership of £10.00 which covers them for a fortnight or a day ticket for £4.00 which is available from the golf pro shop. You will be given a key at the golf pro shop, which gives you access to the club house where you are welcome to use bowls etc.

Visitors are required to use flat soled shoes with no heels. Sorry we don’t like heavily ridged soles on your shoes either. There are a few spare shoes in boxes in the clubhouse and you are welcome to use them. There are also flat soles which can be Velcroed over your shoes.

We normally play on Tuesday evenings at 7pm.  We have a fun afternoon on Thursday starting at 2pm which includes a nice cup of tea. An ideal session if you want to try out bowls for the first time. We would be delighted to see you.  There are plenty of folks to help and guide you.

On Sunday afternoon we play at 2pm providing there are no competitions that day. .Beginners are welcome.

You are welcome to join us or play by yourselves. We hope that you will enjoy your game. It would help us if you could arrive
10mins before starting time.